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R e c o r d i n g s

Track 1: Si, mi chiamano Mimi, Track 2: Donde lieta, Track 3: Ain't It a Pretty Night, Track 4: Rusalka's Song to the Moon, Track 5: Stetit puella, Track 6: Cancion de cuna, Track 7: Bailan las gitanas, Tracks 8, 9, & 10: Tres epitafios de Quevedo, Track 11: Zwiegesang, 6 Deutsche Lieder, Spohr, Track 12: Sehnsucht, 6 Deutsche Lieder, Spohr, Track 13: Wiegenlied, 6 Deutsche Lieder, Spohr, Track 14: Pace, pace mio Dio

Tri Stan Excerpts by Eric Moe, Mahidol University 2012

Contemporary Enclave, James Ogburn, conductor & Colleen Jennings, soprano

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Cosi fan tutte

Promotional Video

Blood Brothers

Promotional Video

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